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Dr. Morgan has released three new books (see above) that you can purchase as a printed book or e-book download on demand. So Deeply Scarred, is available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese; Standing Against anti-Semitism, is available in English, and Spanish.

Also, Dr. Morgan’s first book, Leaves from the Olive Tree, is now available in Spanish.

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Of course, like all ministries, we need people to pray for us, and support us financially, but here are a few other ways to help:

  1. Listen to audio files and/or watch video recordings to provide us with a review of the message. We will provide guidelines to follow for this work.
  2. Listen to audio files and/or watch video recordings with a goal of identifying mini-teaching segments within the message, identifying the point it begins and ends. Example, from 4.20 –  6.25 you speak about faith, from 8.45 – 12.30 you speak about obedience. This will be used to bless people who have only a few minutes to listen to, or watch, a mini teaching.
  3. Do you like to type? we need people to transcribe messages for future publications.

If you can do one or more of these tasks, please contact us and let us know. Those who partner with us in these ways, will receive the material you work on for free as our gift to you!!

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